Blind Faith by Rebecca Zanetti

Blind Faith - Rebecca Zanetti

Blind Faith by Rebecca Zanetti  Publisher Forever (Grand Central Publishing)


First of all, I love this story and I plan on reading the rest of the series. I am kicking myself for not reading this series earlier. This is the third book in the Sin Brothers series and it is packed with action, suspense, and romance.


I want to read this story over and over.  Nate is such a sweetie but far from being a pushover.  All he has ever wanted was to have a normal upbringing and a safe and happy family. He knows at a young age how meaningful his family is and he is willing to risk everything for their happiness and safety.  He and his brothers are genetically engineered and have been used for years on secret missions. The consequences for failing a missing will be detrimental to the brothers, that are waiting back on base for the safe return of the brother, that has gone on the mission. They endured the trauma of being used, abused, and threatened since childhood by holding together and by forging a strong family bond. Each brother has his strengths that he brings to the family to keep them safe, healthy, and happy. Nate makes countless sacrifices of himself to make sure his brothers are happy and feel safe.  


Five years have past and Nate has resurfaced to find out how to stop the expiration date on him and his brothers. He has to reconnect to the past to have a future.  Audrey Madison is his past and is his future. I loved these two together. Nate is not the only one that had a childhood full of misery and suffering. I thought Audrey was pretty strong and resourceful for all of the hardships she went through.


Nate and Audrey reconnect, each with their own agenda on how to stop “something bad from happening (this would give away the whole story).” Nate is a total alpha badass and struggles with convincing Audrey to accept his over the top protectiveness. She feels tremendous guilt over the past and is working on a project to end the harm that the “government unit” is responsible for. But there is more… lots more that comes out and kept me on the edge of my seat to the very end.


 This was a lovely story of past connections, guilt, emotional and physical trauma, with some well written heartbreaking moments. I wanted to hug, kiss and snuggle Nate. I guess I would have hugged Audrey but really I would rather cuddle with Nate.  And the suspense kept me glued to the pages. I definitely, without a doubt will be reading the rest of the series and any other book written by Rebecca Zanetti. Pick this book up if you like contemporary, military, romantic suspense. Take a chance and pick it up anyway. I think this series is that good.   


ARC provided via Netgalley-  by the publisher Forever (Grand Central Publishing), author Rebecca Zanetti  - Thank you