Crave The Night

Crave The Night - Lara Adrian Crave the Night by Lara Adrian A Midnight Breed Novel I am going to admit I have never read a book from Lara Adrian and I am sorry that I have missed out on her books. But no more- I plan to devour the books in this series and anything else Ms. Adrian writes. Jordana and Nathan are from completely different sides of society. She is privileged and from a prominent Breed family and he is one of the most lethal Breed vampires in existence, he is from an elite group of warriors charged with protecting both mortals and vampires. Nathan is a super hot, sexy alpha male that does his best to fight his attraction toward Jordana. The more he fights the hotter their attraction becomes. Jordana is capable of taking care of herself but keeps finding herself in danger. Of course, Nathan is always around because of his warrior job. Jordana has been attracted to Nathan for a long time. She would do just about anything to get him to notice her. When he finally does, the sheets are set on fire (and the elevator, desk, couch, etc..) and he does the typical alpha male claiming routine. Super hot!!! Nathan is not an easy sell, he has some major issues from the past that he has not worked through and is carrying around with him. He is forced to acknowledge them when the relationship and danger heat up. I absolutely loved how the suspense unfolded in the story. There were some deep dark secrets that were discovered that threatened to cause disastrous consequences. The storyline kept me on the edge of my seat. ARC provided via Netgalley, Publisher Random House Publishing Group – Bantam Dell Delacorte Press, Thank you. Goodreads: