Hot Secrets

Hot Secrets - Lisa Renee Jones

Hot Secretsby Lisa Renee Jones


Book 1 Tall Dark & Deadly Series



Hot Secrets is the first in the tall, dark, and deadly series and is my first read from author Lisa Renee Jones. I enjoyed this sweet, hot, steamy romantic suspense novel.  Lauren is an Assistant District Attorney and is known to work cases that are dangerous. She is tough as nails and keeps pushing even when there is known danger.


Royce Walker has always been attracted to Lauren and takes the opportunity to become more involved with her when he finds out she may be in danger. He is a former badass FBI Agent and has opened a private security firm with his brothers. When the brothers are together their antics are funny and endearing.


There is an insta-connection with this couple that happens pretty quick in the story and it builds from there. Royce pretty much takes over with wanting and trying to protect Lauren from harm. The villain in the story is creepy and it was surprising was a little surprising to me at the end. Overall, I enjoyed reading this one and will check out the next books in the series. I want to read more about the brothers.


One of my complaints is that sometimes Lauren came across as slightly dense, I mean how many red flags do you need to figure out that maybe something is not right.





ARC provided thru Netgalley, author Lisa Renee Jones