Hard Time

Hard Time - Cara McKenna

Hard Time- Cara McKenna



Oh my goodness, I really loved this story. And that surprised me, since the relationship was totally inappropriate and it involved the love of a felon. I didn't know that I could find felon love hot or sexy or interesting. I was sorry to see the story finish, I could have kept on reading about Eric and Annie for days.


Eric Collier is a sexy, hot, thrilling, romantic convict. He begins a relationship by sending erotic romantic love letters to Annie. His pursuit of her is one of the hottest things I have read in a long time.


Annie Goodhouse has recently relocated to Darren, Michigan and is working as a librarian. Part of her job includes working at Cousins Correctional Facility as an outreach librarian. She is nervous with working with incarcerated men and worries about the danger she will face while encountering the men of Cousins.


Annie is receptive to the secret illicit romantic adventure she is having with Eric but has guilt and fear that keeps intruding on their relationship. I think the story has two parts the relationship during prison and the relationship after prison.


Annie is struggling to work through some traumatic issues from her past and they come in to play during her relationship with Eric. At times she is open and caring but then she seems judgmental and closed off. Eric has his own issues to work through. He is romantic, caring and willing to sacrifice everything for those he loves but also he is pretty gullible and easy to take advantage of.


He is not forthcoming with her on the reasons behind his incarceration or the fact the he is up for early parole. This leads to some of the angst of the story between the two characters. After, his release these two characters burn the pages off the book. I want to read this book over and over. I am a fan Cara McKenna. Where have you been woman!!


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