Unintentional Virgin

Unintentional Virgin - A.J. Bennett

Unintentional Virgin- A. J. Bennett


I enjoyed this sweet story. Karma Points is on a mission to lose her virginity. She is turning twenty soon and feels she should have lost it a long time ago. During one of her “missions” to lose her virginity she meets the gorgeous tattooed bouncer at an underground club.


Jax is more than willing to hit it with the sexy Karma, until he finds out she is a virgin. He is intrigued by the sexy girl and strikes a deal with her. He is willing to be the one that helps her with her virginity problem but first she must agree to his terms.


 This is a sweet, charming, funny story of a couple beginning a relationship. It has some steam but most of the story is about learning to trust each other, having fun adventures, and nurturing the growth of the relationship.


ARC provided via Netgalley-  by the publisher Indie Inked, author A. J. Bennett- Thank you


Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/892105419