Blindness - Ginger Scott

Blindness – Ginger Scott


I was not sure I would enjoy the book since there is a love triangle, cheating, and a girl that seems to leap before she looks. But I did, I really enjoyed the book. This is your typical NA book, it is filled with angst, torment, painful choices, painful past events, complications, and lovely connections.


Charlie is working toward making her life turn out to be less lonely, less emotionally draining, and to have a soft place to fall. She makes a number of choices in her life that seem to be on the right track but seriously cause her to double check those choices when she meets Cody.


I had some trouble with the female character of this story, Charlie Hudson. Mainly, because she seemed like a victim at times and took limited responsibility for some of the pain she was causing those around her. She made some of the life choices in her life more complicated by the way she handled her problems. She would either act like the problems did not exist, jump right in before thinking through the consequences, or wait to be saved.


I loved Cody Carmichael. Everyone pretty much treated him like shit, except for his friends. Cody has the misfortune of being labeled a lazy, washed up, no good loser. But he really is a hardworking, dedicated, loyal, loving, heart of gold man. The betrayal that he suffers from those that are suppose to be his family is heartbreaking.


I guess I am okay with Cody and Charlie together. She did have numerous tragedies that she was working through and she was not deliberately mean. She was just obtuse to the hurt she caused and feelings of those around her. I guess she tried not to hurt others but her actions caused a lot of pain and heartbreak to others. Anyway, I did like the book and would read it again. I enjoyed this book from Ginger Scott and will be reading more of her books.


ARC provided thru Netgalley, author Ginger Scott -  Thank you