Mine to Crave

Mine To Crave (Mine - Romantic Suspense) - Cynthia Eden

Mine to Crave – Cynthia Eden

I loved this book. I totally love the romantic suspense genre. This was an edge of my seat, page turner. Drake Archer is the typical tormented, possessive, hard ass hero. He is suspicious of Jasmine from the start but cannot seem to resist her feminine wiles. Drake is a billionaire casino owner and just wants to build his empire and forget about a painful, dark past.


Jasmine Bennett is a women of mystery that catches Drakes attention from the beginning and works to lose him, every chance she has. Jasmine is snarky, kick ass heroine. Danger surrounds her and she faces it head on, regardless of the outcome.


The baddie/villain was full of hate, revenge, and ugliness. His soul purpose was to inflict as much pain and torment as he could on those he felt had wronged him.


Drake is "extra sensitive" and a hard ass about being betrayed or any  betrayal, due to past events in his life. When he believes Jasmine has betrayed him he goes into super overdrive to claim her, save her, protect her.


Both have secrets that slowly are revealed to each other, as the story progresses. Love me some action packed books. I will continue to read books from Cynthia Eden and I will read the Mine series.


ARC provided thru Netgalley, author Cynthia Eden -  Thank you


Goodreads:  https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/873093209