Dark Surrender

Dark Surrender - Erica Ridley

Dark Surrender- Erica Ridley

The story begins with the "unspeakable act" that involves Violet Whitechapel. Where the story becomes alive is when Violet arrives at Waldegrave Abby.


Violet is running for her life and happens upon the Abby just as she is about to drop from exhaustion. She is taken in and offered a job as a governess to a heathen of a child, Lillian.


Alistair Waldegrave is the master of the Abby and will sacrifice everything to keep his daughter safe. He is in search of a cure for a terrible disease that keeps his daughter imprisoned in darkness and away from any sunlight.


Alistair comes off as a bit of an ass at times and runs hot and cold so much, that poor Violet's head spins right off her head. He redeemed himself to me though. He was willing to try to be less of an ass, willing to eat crow and admit his faults and admit how clueless he is at relationships.


I think Miss Lillian stole the show. She is so precious and lovely. She may have been forced to be a recluse but she had spirit and spunk. Lovely story of how the three started working together to be happy and overcome the hardships instead of snipping and blaming each other.


Loved the supporting characters Mr. Roper, Ms. Tumsen, and Cook. I enjoyed the book. I will definitely read another book from this author.


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Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/884480833