Clipped Wings

Clipped Wings - Helena Hunting

Clipped Wings - Helena Hunting

I loved this story. Clipped Wings is an touching story of emotional heartache, guilt, secrets, and a desire of both characters to leave the past far behind.


Tenley does have clipped wings. She is broken, grieving, full of shame and remorse for what she believes is her culpability of her past. She is looking for a new beginning and running as far as she can from the darkness that is chasing her.


Hayden equally has a tragic past that came close to destroying his dreams. He has worked hard to overcome the darkness that threatened to shatter him and the life he had built. Hayden has overcome his past but it still haunts him and threatens to pull him in.


These two characters are extremely protective of their pasts, their hearts, and how much they are willing to trust.


They have a sweet friendship/relationship but many trust elements are missing in the relationship due to their fears and brokenness. Just when they are starting to work through some of the issues... cliffhanger. I hate those damn cliffhangers!!!


Even though there is the hated cliffhanger, I love this book and will definitely be reading the rest of the series. I want to know how it turns out and I want to read more about the supporting characters. I am a fan of the series and the author.



ARC provided via Netgalley-  by the publisher Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books, author Helena Hunting- Thank you