The Edge Of Never

The Edge of Never  - J.A. Redmerski

I struggled with writing this review. In fact I put it off and kept reading other books and put off writing their reviews due to my struggle with writing this one.


I like the book but it had elements that I didn't like. It was not the story-line but the fact that I was not being pulled in as much as I like to be pulled into a book. It is a great story of a character working on finding herself due to life changing events that have altered her outlook on life.


Andrew was equally well written with his fun, adventurous side. However, his tragic life events are kept secret from not only the reader but from Camryn. Andrew and Camryn are able to build a bond through their adventure on the road and Andrew is an excellent support to help Camryn work through her issues.


Andrew's personal story is not really addressed until the later part of the book. But, when the reader finally found out his dark secret- grab the tissues. I thought this was a sweet, lovely story. Hopefully, I will get more of his story in next one.


ARC provided thru Netgalley- Hachette Book Group, Grand Central Publishing, Forever, author J .A. Redmersk- Thank you