Escape In You

Escape In You - Rachel Schurig

First of all I loved this story. It had heartache, tragedy, a great deal of sorrow, and unfortunate life events that are slowly killing Jet and Zoe emotionally.


Zoe has been making numerous sacrifices due to responsibilities at home and her feelings of guilt. She appears to be a party girl that just out to have as much fun as she can. But there is a much deeper element to her and a much more tragic story to her life. 


Jet Taylor is known to all as the mysterious bad boy, that likes to party, a womanizer, and seems to only be interested in having a good time.


However, Jet has a deeper pain. A deeper heartache. A deeper tragedy, that he avoids dealing with as much as possible. Jet too has made numerous sacrifices due to feeling responsibility for events that have occurred throughout his childhood into his adulthood. They both have a pain that is deep and tormenting.


I loved how these two characters supported each other and essentially did escape in to each other. Important story of how self medicating ones self through pain can cause even more pain and sorrow. Important story of how lack of reaching out to others for help can lead to more suffering and anguish.


Seriously, sad story about life events and how those can trap and cause immeasurable about of grief.


ARC provided thru Netgalley, author Rachel Schurig -  Thank you