Wrecked - Priscilla West

Lorrie is working through some serious emotional issues that occurred over the past two years and "wrecked" she is. She is struggling to keep her past a secret from those she attends college with. Whether, that is from embarrassment, humiliation, pain, pride, or trying to avoid focusing on the tragedy. I don't know. I would think it would be a combination of all of them.


The tragedy was devastating to her as well as her family. She is struggling to recover and continue to build a future for herself. Lorrie meets Hunter during a chance encounter and leaves before either of them can even become acquaintances. But, of course there will be many more encounters and they become fast friends.


Hunter has the reputation of bad boy on campus, many girls, booze, and cage fights. But he is a sweetie a heart and is more of a rescuer. Hunter is intense about his pursuit of Lorrie and will really stop at nothing to get her to be a better "friend".


However, Hunter is "wrecked" too and has a secret he is keeping from others, especially Lorrie. Is he keeping his due to embarrassment, humiliation, the chance of causing pain, the chance of having to deal with pain, pride, or is he avoiding thinking about the tragedy that his secret holds. I think all of the above. He is pretty "wrecked" by the secret and really is willing to do just about anything to avoid dealing with it.


Loved the story. I thought it was intense and did not give anything away until the end. I kept me guessing at what was the secret, kept me questioning why are they not sharing their pain with each other, and kept me a little ticked that they would not trust each other enough to take it to the "having faith in each other" level.


I will finish reading the series. Not happy it ended in a cliff hanger. I hate those.


Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/857144390