Torn from You

Torn from You  - Nashoda Rose

I love this book. This is a love story but with dark twists. Imagine falling for someone and believing that the relationship is one of the best things you have ever experienced. Then imagine waking up to your worst nightmare and facing the truth that you might have been wrong.


The first part of this book is really brutal and heart-wrenching. Emily is without a doubt, the tortured heroine. Emily has not had an easy life and is working toward living out her dream on her own terms. However, she has no idea the brutality that exists around her and how it is about to consume her.


Logan- AKA Sculpt is the lead singer of a rock band and illegal underground fighter. He is total alpha male that had me loving and hating him. Sometimes, at the same time. He is a man full of secrets.


The second part of the story takes place after some really nasty dark shit has taken place. I absolutely loved the second part of this book. This is where it all comes together. This is where the characters come alive and soar.


I cannot wait to continue reading this series. The supporting characters are set up nicely to have their own stories. And I can bet their stories are going to be as great as this one. There are already some mysterious tidbits thrown out to intrigue the reader. 


I really wish I could write more about the book but I would spoil it for those of you that have yet to read it. So I am just going to avoid that and tell you if you like dark, emotional, gritty, edge of your seat reads, then this is the book for you.


ARC provided thru Netgalley- author Nashoda Rose - Thank you