Night Embrace - Sherrilyn Kenyon I enjoyed Talon and Sunshine's story. Talon is an emotionally tortured hero that has learned how to avoid his emotions in order to do his job as dark hunter- that is until he meets Sunshine. Talon is sexy, sensual, fabulous, and dangerous. He will stop at nothing to keep Sunshine safe, happy, and satisfied. Sunshine is eccentric, free spirit, independent, loyal, and stubborn. Talon is a bit confused and ingtrigued by how she lives her life. Talon is determined to seek revenge on those responsible for preying on and stealing human souls. He must work toward keeping New Orleans safe, meeting the requirements of his duties, and keeping Sunshine safe from his enemies bent on destroying his happiness.I enjoyed the interactions of the supporting characters and how it looks like they are going to have their own story. Zarek's interaction with others reminded me of Zsadist's character from BDB. I loved being introduced to Zane, Fang, Valerius, Peltier family, Nick and Sunshine's grandmother- not to mention how the gods contributed to the progress of the story. I enjoyed this romantic adventure of suspense and tension.