Demon from the Dark (Immortals After Dark Series, Book 8) - Kresley Cole I absolutely loved this book. I was a little skeptical when I first starting reading about the torture Malkom endured at the hands of the Vicerory, as to if I would like the book or not. Well I loved it. Malkom is a hot, passionate, sexy, loveable demon vampire. I was pulling for Malkom to have his HEA the whole time I was reading this book. Malkom struggled with overcoming his past torture to make a good life for himself and his mate. He knew the moment he came into contact with Carrow that she was the one. I thought he was the sweetest thing when he worked to overcome his fears to make her happy and feel safe in his home. Carrow is kidnapped and threatened/forced to bring Malkom back to the island by the Order if she wants to ever taste freedom again with Ruby. IMO-the Order is evil, evil, evil, and must be destroyed. Read the what, when, and who of how the story comes together with the suspense and excitement. Carrow is dealing with her own sorrow and she covers all of this by living for the next party and prank. During her capture she is faced with the reality that she is going to have to change her ways to help Ruby. She is willing to do anything to keep Ruby safe from harm and that includes hurting the relationship with her mate that she has just began.Ruby is a cute, michevious, precious seven year old that has the ability to hook Carrow and wrap Malkom around her little finger. Favorite quote from Ruby- "You're not leaving me behind. Or I'll do a spell to make you smell like ass. Forever.