Rock Hard - Olivia Cunning I loved this book and the story of the characters. I like reading about a good flawed alpha male. Sed is the lead singer of Sinners and has the "rescue gene" for those he loves. He stumbles one time after the other trying to solve/control the problems for those he loves. Which is the storyline between Sed and Jessica. He tried to fix their problems and run their life together one to many times. Seds comes off as insensitive, tactless, and unobservant of Jessica's feelings and wants. Jessica does not do much to clear up any misunderstanding with Sed - she just argues, pushes, and makes assumptions. Sed is tortured by the break up with Jessica and spends the time of the break up from Jessica inflicting pain on others by selfish acts of sleeping with their girlfriends/lovers, irritating the band members with his borish behavior, and an all around pissy attitude.Boy do things heat up when Jessica and Sed meet up again. They do enjoy being exhibitionist and walking on the wild side. Sed did work on listening and letting go of "fixing" his friends problems. But I think it was only because he was able to notice that he was going to lose big again if he did not back up and stop interferring in others making their own decisions.Jessica is flawed as well -she wants to have a career but keeps getting confused as to what that may mean. She struggles with one barrier after the other that threatens to interfer with her dreams. Jessica has some major difficultly with being able to communicate her needs with Sed and struggles with really knowing the motivation of Sed feelings/behavior.Sometimes I like an overbearing tortured hero and a heroine that really is fed up and wants to live her life on her terms even if it may mean leaving the hero behind.