Tiger of Talmare - Nina Croft I won this book to review from ARC from librarything. I thought this was a super sweet story and would have loved to have more of it. The story begins with the herione encountering the hero as she and a group of women make a hasty escape from a possible horrible future. The women will stop at nothing for a better life. Melissa Stark becomes the leader of the gang of distinct different identities of women that spend their time in a stolen starship pirating from others. The cast of women are hilarious and add quite a bit of humor to the story. Captain Zachary Knight is the man she stole the starship from and he has been after her ever since. The story picks up ten years later after their first encounter with a fast packed action. The quick paced action and dialogue of the story hooked me in from the beginning. The characters have spark, heat, energy, and passion. There is plenty of evilness that Melissa and Zackary fight against throughout the story. Zackary is a strong alpha male that has quite a few lessons on what it means to mess with a strong kick ass herione. I definitely recommend this book to those of you who like action, romance, spunk, suspense and malicious villains.