Beyond Shame - Kit Rocha This is the story of Noelle, Jasper, a whole lot of ass kicking women and hot kinky men. Noelle is from Eden and ends up being banned from her town due to not being righteous enough. Her journey takes place after being kicked out of Eden into Sector 4. She meets up with Jasper McCray hot sexy tattooed, cage fighter,right hand man to the O'Kane's ruthless leader Dallas. Jasper is straight up bad ass alpha with a soft spot for busting at the seams Noelle. Noelle has a choice to make - keep a life where she is invisible and expected to stay in the shadows or join a life full of violence,acceptance, lust, sex, action, danger, kinky sex, emotions, more kinky sex and law breaking. I enjoyed reading about Noelle's struggle to accept herself and new life after growing up feeling alone and unaccepted by her family. Jasper had some serious hot and cold moments. I wish she would have bitch slapped him a little more. I am super ready to read more about the adventures of the O'Kane gang. I am ready for more gritty, dirty, kinky, tawdry, gang life of the O'Kane's. I loved the supporting characters that were fully involved in the story of Noelle and Jasper. It would not have been the same without Lex, Dallas, Bren, Rachel, Maddox, Nessa, Flash, Amira, Six, and Ace. I plan to keep reading the series and hope it keeps getting better and more hot. Although, this was pretty steamy so I don't know how hotter it could get. I am hopeful though. I want to read some hot kinky books on Maddox and Ace.ARC provided by Kit Rocha thru Netgalley- Thank you