Lover at Last - J.R. Ward I seriously love this series. I love how the BDB world is progressing, the growth, the changes, the additions of new characters. I thought Qhuinn and Blaylocks story worked out well, even though there were tons of complications to be dealt with. Their journey toward the hea was heartbreaking at times. These two have a strong bond and no matter what pain and complication they endured, they were always willing to put the love for the other first. I loved reading about all the growth Qhuinn went through, he was able to gain more than he could have ever dreamed, by the sacrifices he was willing to make for the brothers. I can't wait to read more about Layla and Xcor. Somehow I know Ward will make everything turn out well for Layla. Ward left me hanging with Sola and Assail. Grrrrrrr.... I am still mad at her for making me like Assail. She has a way of making some of the asshat characters into sweeties who get hea. Looks like Trez has something in the works too. And reading about how the brothers work together in the field, the bond, the comradery, the strength had me wishing for more of that. The next book is too far away. I need it now!!