Backstage Pass (Sinners on Tour Series #1)

Backstage Pass - Olivia Cunning I loved this book!! Myrna Evan is a psychology professor that meets one of her favorite bands while attending a conference. Myra is looking for adventure and a way to escape while presenting and attending seminars for her job. She walks in the the hotel bar and right away recognizes him. Brian is the lead guitarist for the famous rock band, Sinners and is trying to overcome yet another heartache. Even though Brian is nursing his broken heart and yet another betrayal he is willing to go to Myna's hotel room. Brian and the whole band is super exited and intrigued by the buttoned up sex psychologist. When Myrna and Brian finally meet each other in the biblical sense it is HOT, explosive, and combustible ride to the finish. Brian has lost his ability to create music until his muse shows up and Myrna needs to find a way to work on a research for her university. Myrna ends up going on tour to study groupie mentality and Brian may have found the help reignite his musical genius.Of course, this could not have been as hot without the boys in the band- Sed, Jace, Eric, and Trey. These boys know how to add the steamy and erotic. This book is full of erotic adventure with passion and tenderness added. If down and dirty is your cup of tea- then this is the book to pick up.