Desired by Stacey Kennedy

Desired: Club Sin - Stacey Kennedy

Desired by Stacey Kennedy



Desired is the third book in the Club Sin series. This is an erotic romance with BDSM. The story begins with Kyler noticing Ella at his friend’s wedding reception.  Ella has been invited to the wedding of her boss, Aidan Knight. Ella and Kyler have not met before the wedding. Kyler is instantly attracted to Ella but has a problem. He wants to pursue her but feels she probably will not fit into his world of Club Sin.


Ella has moved to Las Vegas to escape a painful past and to start over. She wanted a new start in life to erase the pain and hurt she suffered at the hands of an ex-husband. Feeling betrayed by those she called friends she left all of them behind.


Ella brings out the protective nature in Kyler. She is secretive and has an abusive past the she is trying to heal from. Kyler wants to be the person that helps Ella overcome her fears and heartbreak.  However, Ella wants to keep the relationship friends with benefits. Kyler wants more from Ella and is determined to help her learn she can trust again. He introduces her to the lifestyle of Club Sin with the hope she will learn she can trust him as a man and as her Dom.


I loved how caring and gentle Kyler was with helping Ella to heal and recover from her past trauma. As hard as Ella fights to keep her past a secret it rears its ugly head and she is forced to face it. Luckily, she has Kyler to help her as well as the friends that she has made since her move to Las Vegas.


ARC provided thru Netgalley, author Stacey Kennedy, publisher Random House Publishing Group- Loveswept.