Ecstasy Unveiled (Demonica, #4) - Larissa Ione,  Paul Boehmer This series is fast becoming my favorite. Characters are well rounded and entertaining. I struggled with starting a new series, when I am trying to catch up with the ones that I currently read. Anyway, I started it and have been reading it back to back since. Well, listening to it on audio while I drive, clean house, and lay around. I absolutely loved Lore. He is a tortured soul that just wants his loved ones to be safe. He is a hard core assassin but he does have empathy for those less fortunate than him. He is able to think through the consequences for each job and make those tough choices that will change lives. I liked the interaction with him and Idess. Their relationship developed from battling each other, to needing each other, to sacrifice and love for each other. Idess is charged with protecting Kynan and Lore. If she fails in her assignment to protect she will not fulfill her biggest wish and dream. She is a kick ass female that does not take any mess from others. Wish I could comment more on Idess but I really just listened closely to Lore's part. There is a whole lot more story happening than just these two. It is a whole world filled with supporting characters, different realms, story lines that are occurring while the characters are having their interactions and adventures. I plan to keep reading/listening to this series.