Edge of Darkness - Cherry Adair This book took way to long to pull me in. I knew who the bad guy was early and it was not really suspenseful to me. The action was in the last 40 pages of the book and too much description in the first 130 pages that did not seem relevant later. I would have rated this one a two but I love other books that I have read from the author and I did enjoy the last part of the book. However, I really should learn to put down a book when I am not into it. It is a good story that I am sure others would enjoy. I did not b/c the characters Selena and Duncan spent too much time over thinking the relationship (in their own head), the author spent way too much time explaining situations/issues/that really did not add to the story, and the story of terrorists/kidnapping/killings was rushed and not fleshed out.