The Darkest Lie - Gena Showalter WOW!! This one kept me in suspense for most of the book. Everytime I thought I had figured out what was happening with the story of Gideon and Scarlett another detail was revealed and it was just as shocking as the first. A page turner for sure- memory loss or not, passion, intrigue, adventure, suspense, trickery and scheming. I thought Gideon was a sweetheart.. a big, tough, sexy, passionate, sweetheart that was not going to let Scarlett go, no matter what danger lurked. I liked Scarlett's character as well but toward the end became tired of her unwillingness to trust the one man who had sacrificed the most for her. This story had me all over the place angry, crying, cheering, and laughing. Scarlett's family got on my nerves and I really wanted them to suffer for all of the cruel things they had inflicted on her during her life. Talk about a disfunctional family-she had one.I cannot wait to read more of the LOTU stories especially since I am left with a cliff hanger. This book helped clear up some of the reasons for the war between the hunters and the lords, Cronus's story was explained more, a sneak peak at Strider, William, Amun, and the rest of the lords and their significant others. LOVED IT!!!!!!!