Back in Black - Lori Foster Excellent read. Gillian Noode a PR expert is hired to smooth over the rough edges of Drew Black, president of SBC fighting organization. Drew is having none of the make over and instigates conflict at every turn to throw Gillian off track. Gillian is hired because Drew's bosses feel that his harsh ways are running off potential profitable connections. Life heats up for the two when threats start coming in targeting Drew. Drew is typical alpha male when Gillian in caught up in the cross fire and he will stop at nothing to protect her.Secondary characters are Audrey and Brett Bullman "the Pit Bull" and they are the sweetest couple ever. Audrey is leader of the group WAVS: Women Against Violent Sports and has an agenda to educate people about the importance of protecting those participating in violent sports. Brett SBC hopeful, neglects to inform Audrey of his partication in the sport of MMA until their relationship is underway. He is a loveable, tortured hero, with a horrible past that is working on being the best man he can be with an adopted orphan cat named spice Brett and spice are so cute together. I challege you to not fall in love with him.This is a fast read filled with romance, danger, and sweetness.