No Rest for the Wicked - Kresley Cole I enjoyed this book but not as much as Demon from the Dark. Kaderin the Cold Hearted is a vampire hunter. She meets Sabastian Wroth when dispatched to a villiage in Russia to take care of a vampire haunting a castle. Sabastain was unwillingly turned into a vampire centuries ago and has since avoided everyone because he sees no reason to live.This story takes place during the Talisman Hie challenge which is similar to The amazing race. Competitors seek relics around the world to win the ultimate prize which has the possiblility to change history. Sebastain is a warrior, knight from the past and struggles with limiting using his old fashioned ways with Kaderin. He is able to realize that when he is too supportive and protective with Kaderin it causes her to pull away and put up barriers. He is so sweet and is more than obsessed with her. Kaderin struggles during the race to overcome her adversion to this particular vampire and to see how he is different than those she has met in the past. Both characters are dominate warriors, passionate, and wicked.