Riding Wild - Jaci Burton Wooowee this one started out fast, hot, spicy and just keep getter more intense and fabulous with each page. This is a story of lost love found again and the journey they take as they find each other again. Lily and Mac meet up while he was hijacking a priceless piece of art and Lily was investigating the security system of the museum. The problem is he is not the only one who wants the "art" and Mac and Lily are on the run to keep the "art" safe. He is on the run and he kidnaps her. I really get the impression that she wanted to be kidnapped since the resistance against him was very little. And she was so willing to jump on his bike. Lily has serious reservations about starting another relationship with Mac due to her belief he is a thief and is so secretive. She cannot resist that he has some good in him and is out to help others. Mac Canfield belongs to a secretive group of men charged with helping the government recover items that could endanger the life of people and are a risk to security. Mac is shocked to see Lily all grown up and turned into a kick ass take no prisoners woman. He kidnaps her in the beginning to keep his cover from being blown but as time passes keeps her with him because he cannot bear to let her go. I recommend reading this book to those who want a fast, hot, spicy, somewhat suspenseful read.