Deep Kiss Of Winter - Kresley Cole, Gena Showalter Untouchable is Murdoch Wroth's story one of the four Wroth vampire brothers. Poor guy, the legendary ladys' man is blooded by non other than Daniela the Ice Maiden. Daniela is part Valkyrie and part ice fey and is not able to be touched by anyone but those of her ice fey heritage. The only problem... is that she has been on the run since her birth due to King Sigmund having a contract out for her death. This couples tries their best to make it work with and without each other but are just miserable both ways. The tension is palpable, the dialog is witty, the non touching interaction passionate, and a bit funny reading how Murdoch deals with having a bride that is close yet so far away. Murdoch could have done with a longer story but overall it was good. I really hope Jadian the cold gets his story and HEA. Tempt me Eternally is the story of Aleaha Love and Breean Nu. Aleaha can be anyone she wants and she is currently Macy working as an AIR agent (alien investiation and removal) and she is on a mission to capture a group of otherwordly warriors. Breean is a golden skinned Rakan commander on his way to earth to begin a new life with his fellow soldiers. The two meet up in battle... some things happen... and then she is the one captured. Most of time she is willing prisoner!! Both are working to stop the queen of Schon which is some type of sex-cannibal who seems out to destroy many planets. Breean is seductive, hot and sexy. He is a warrior that is tormented with his responsibilities and his love for Aleaha