Playing Easy to Get - Kresley Cole, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Jaid Black Turn Up the Heat- Sherrilyn KenyonVince Cappelleti and Allison George in B.A.D. but not part of the bureau when they meet. Vince is a super spicy hot hero that is trying to turn his life around and running from the bad guys to stay alive. Allison is living an everyday life and yearning for some excitement and adventure. Well she gets what she she wished for- a hot, steamy, ride of her life. Oh and the adventure too. Hunter's Oath- Jaid BlackLord Johen Stefsson is a viking that lives in New Sweden deep in the ground of the earths belly. Sofia lived on the earth's surface until she is kidnapped by the bride hunters to be a bride to one of the vikings. This is a very quick read, gets to the point quick, and does not have too much of a storyline. It is steamy and sweet.The Warlord Wants Forever- Kresley ColeNickolai Wroth general of the forbearer vampire army finds Myst the Coveted locked up at Mt. Oblak Castle, Russia by Ivo the Cruel. Myst is a spicy, witty, unpredictable vixen that drives Nickolai crazy with need. She escapes his "mean" plans at the castle and is able to run from him for 5 long years. Nickolai is one hot, hot, sweet heart that will not rest until his bride is back in his arms. I will say he really tried to make it work with Myst but he kept misunderstanding and making assumptions about her that were not true. oh well, I would still like to eat him up- he is adorable.