Ecstasy in Darkness - Gena Showalter I waited too long to write a review on this book and now I am having trouble recalling exactly what I want to say. Pooh!!!! Ava Sans is a hard hitting, take no prisoners, loyal, and kick ass herione. Love the kick ass women. Victor McKell has lost his vampire family due to his behavior in an earlier book Seduce the Darkness. McKell is a snarky, viscious, hot, sexy, vampire. Ava and Noelle are charged with bringing in McKell in order to pass training and become agents with AIR. McKell usually has the opinion that humans are beneath him- until he meets up with Ava. Let the obsession begin!! These two fight crime together, discover his past, and fight to save the world from the nasty nasty Schon queen and her minions. Loved how McKell took care of Ava's ex one night stand. He deserved it and more. Read this is you want to laugh and cheer and want to read some hot romance steam. The interaction between Ava, Noelle, and Mckell is laugh out loud funny. They have lots girl tricks to hook him in.