Dark Taste of Rapture - Gena Showalter So I was scanning through the radio station on the way home, after I read this book, and heard Burn Me Down by Marty Stuart. Seems to fit my take/feelings on the book. Touch me, turn me on, and burn me down Your lips, hold a wild desireAnd give a kiss like the devil's fireYour kind of love could burn a townTouch me, turn me on, and burn me downhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59Hih1d5T24 Check out the song on youtube-I think it's a pretty hot song and Marty sings it nice and hot. Now to my opinion of the book. I loved this book from the first page. It had sizzle, hotness, and spice. What happens when you have two characters that sacrifice themselves relentlessly for the well being of others/victims/ and friends. You get Hector Dean and Noelle Tremain. Hector is a hot, loyal, and nibble-lishous. He has a dark past filled with pain and torture and has dedicated his life to helping others that suffer injustice. He is an AIR agent and charged with being one of the instructors training Noelle and Ava. The story begins with crossing into Gena Showalter's book of Ecstasy in Darkness. This story describes the training the girls go through and the mischievous actions that Noelle pulls to make her way through the training. The story then skips to one year later and the story carries us through the sizzle and burn of the relationship of Noelle and Hector. Noelle is determined to convince Hector he should be in a relationship with her and Hector is determine to resist Noelle by any means possible. The problem is -Mia has teamed Noelle and Hector up to help solve a murder case. I love it when I get to read about a kickass herione with grit and iron. And when there is a presence of a really hot loyal to the bone hero. Check it out if you like romance, suspense, and hotness. Hope I get to read Dare's story. I know there has to be a story with his mysterious self.