Fifty Shades Darker - E.L. James I really enjoyed this book. This is the second book in Fifty Shades series. I will admit I have not read the first one yet but I will soon. Christian Grey is not only a controlling business man but demands control in all areas of his life. The second book is all about Christian learning to let go of some of his control issues in his relationship with Anastasia and the growth pains the couple has to go through as they learn to trust each other. I love alpha men stories and Christian is definitely a tortured, loving, give you the world alpha man. Ana is working through her own issues- trying to be independant, trusting others, and being comfortable standing up for herself at work, in a relationship, with people in general. The book ended with a cliff hanger- I hate cliff hangers in books, movies and television shows. But this tells me to look forward to the next book!! I would love to read more about the evolving relationship of Ana and Christian. I must have more of Mia, Ethan, and the rest of the cast. This book has plenty of antagonists that cause conflict in the relationship of Ana and Christian and helps with the growth of the characters as individuals. Good book- can hardly wait to read the first book and anymore I can get my hands on.