A Kiss to Kill - Nina Bruhns I loved this series. What I don't love is that this is the end. I want more. This book and series had everything I love in a romantic suspense. This is fast paced, gritty, emotional, sexy, action packed story. Captain Gregg van Halen is an intense, emotionally scared, hardened black op committed to clearing his name and to save his past lover Gina from their enemies. Alex Zane and Rebel have a conclusion to their story after many twists and turns. Usually due to Alex's problems. Another alpha working through his scars and intense emotions on what he thinks is best for the love of his lifeWade and Sarah have an intriguing story line but not as much heat. He had more heat and was more virile in the previous book *If looks could chill*. It was a good series with action, suspense, heat, and thrills.