Storm's Heart - Thea Harrison To review later.... Favorite quotes:She carefully pulled the SUV over to the curb and parked illegally in front of the fire hydrant. "Big, rough, scary Wyr, " she whispered. "I'm not afraid of you."Faerie," he said. "Niniane. Please open the door now."Tiago said, "You might be wondering if you could have gotten away if you'd had your pants pulled up instead of hanging down around your thighs.""Cross my heart," Clarence said into his sleeve. "I bean it. I thick I saw Jesus in the wall just now. I'b gonna start going to church with my bob again. Baybe I'll join the arby."*****'s sophisticated, immaculate appearance was gone. She looked exhausted, and her usually sleek hair was tousled. Lines of stress marked her pale skin. Well, good. She ought to look like shit.