Nauti and Wild - Lora Leigh, Jaci Burton I love the wild riders!! In fact, I want to be part of their group living on the edge, fighting for justice- a little shady, and burning up the road with one of the alpha bikers. Riding the Edge seemed more tame to me than the other books in the series I have read. But I still loved it. Rick is such a sexy, hot alpha with a heart so big I wanted to crawl just right up in it. Ava is a sexy, sweet girl that has a fatal flaw of looking out for others and putting herself last. Her journey was much too short and I would have loved to read a longer version of Ava and Rick. Nauti Kisses is John and Sierra's story. I have not really read it yet. I skimmed it- thinking about reading it after I catch up with the Nauti books in front of it. Then again- it doesn't really seem to need to read in order. Since I read the last couple of chapters & know what's going to happen. Edited: I read Nauti Kisses and was not disappointed. A story of two people that have a past history that never ended - even with separation and misunderstanding. John begins as a reluctant alpha but fire him up and he is straight up hard core alpha. I am sorry the series had ended but all good things must end. How else am I to experience all books if I can't finish a series.