Lothaire - Kresley Cole I absolutely love this book. I will admit I had my doubts when I started reading about Lothaire, the most ruthless vampire and mortal Elizabeth. I really could not picture how that story would work out. I'm so glad that I can make wrong assumptions and love a book more than I thought possible. Don't get me wrong, Lothaire is a huge a hole for most of the book. I don't even think he redeemed himself so much as accepted being loved and loving someone else besides himself. I think reading his back story helped me accept him for the cutthroat vampire that he was. If I was in his shoes I would like to be as strong, vicious, and ruthless. Lizvetta was written perfect for Lothaire. She was a strong women who didn't put up with any of Leo's crap, rules, or instructions. There were a ton of quotes that I loved and would like to put in my review. Mainly of Elizabeth giving it back to Lothaire. My advise read the book if your into flawed a -holes getting a happy ending. This is the second book about a dark character, not so lovable, easily despised male alpha hero that I have read from Ms. Cole. I really enjoy how she is able to make the character human and with qualities most of us can understand. I want to read more dark character stories!!! Any suggestions send them my way.