Wicked Nights - Gena Showalter One thing I know for sure is that Gena Showalter can write about really hot sexy men. Zacharel, is charged with being the leader over the most powerful army in the heavens. An army of dangerous, quick tempered, revenge seeking, arrogant, ruthless, emotionally tortured, disrespectful angels. They are literally on the last nerve of the Deity and if the group of angels don't start making changes for the good of themselves and the rest of mankind, then it adios to those beautiful sexy wings. Zacharel is an emotionally tortured, dark, arrogant hero that had no time to feel for himself emotionally, much less a female human. Everyone, but him can see the connection he has to Annabelle. Good thing because he is a real bastard. However, he is not a total bastard, his redeeming quality is he knows when he has screwed up. Annabelle has suffered years of being tracked by demons when suddenly, Zacharel's job assignment includes the institution she is being held at. He is not able to resist her spunky kick ass nature and begins his journey of saving her. This story has some real twisters that will leave you gasping and shocked. It has plenty of action, twists, passion, and sexy sexy men. I drooled every time he wrapped those sexy wings around her. In fact, I think it may be a sin to have lascivious thoughts about doing it with angels. So, I am in some big trouble because I will be reading all of the books in the series. Next up Koldo.