Immortal Rider - Larissa Ione First off Larissa Ione is a sweet, sweet genius. I am absolutely one hundred percent hooked on her books. She is able to create a world with characters that keep me totally engrossed and demand my total attention. I love how the characters she creates push boundaries, are snarky, strong, mysterious, and are loyal to those they are connected to; even when facing deadly ramification for their choices.This story had plenty of action packed events that kept me waiting for the world to be destroyed by one mistake, one decision, one lie. Limos is famine, one of the four horseman of the Apocalypse and has a long mysterious history that very few know about. She is on constant alert to prevent any of her secrets from getting out and destroying the life she has created for herself. She will do anything to avoid dealing with the repercussions from her lies. Limos and Arik have a history due to a previous encounter where she kicks his ass. Arik is a glutton for pain, he must be, he chases after the hard to get Limos. Arik knows very little about the "rules" of how to handle a horseman and it gets him into some nasty gruesome pain. Hell literally rains down on him and gives him the ass beating of a lifetime. I like how Arik and Limos stuck together even when the ugly, nasty baggage was exposed for both of them. Arik is total alpha male and is not afraid to demonstrate it to Limos time and time again. I enjoyed reading each subplot in this story and thought it added to the mystery of when is the apocalypse going to start. I cannot wait to get my hands onto the stories of Reseph, Reaver, Thanatos, and Harvester. I am sure it is going to be dark, delicious, and engrossing.I love and hate the teasers she puts in, to keep me coming back for more. It is sweet tempting torture.