Lethal Rider (Lords of Deliverance, #3) - Larissa Ione As I read this book I kept thinking Thanatos may be my favorite horseman. I loved how Ms. Ione wrote his character to be the jilted pissed off deadly horseman, that was used to save the world from the Apocalypse. Just about everyone in this story has their hands in preventing or causing the Apocalypse, and the Aegis has decided to strike while the iron is hot to prevent the destruction of the world. Their interpretation of how to stop the Apocalypse is to make Than a father. Demon-slayer Regan is chosen to help with the task. That decision will set in motion not only a pregnancy but huge consequences for the Aegis, horsemen, and the world. Pestilence is a real ass in this one. He goes all out to cause as much chaos as he can, to his siblings. He inflicts pain, heartache, and destruction to his siblings and their family. His one true goal is to start the Apocalypse and he wants to break Thanatos's seal as soon as possible. Thanatos, has to deal with quite a bit in this story. He has a big secret that starts to bite him in the ass, it is exposed, and he has to finally answer to it. He has to deal with being used, being betrayed, becoming a father, passion for the woman who tricked him, and saving the world.The Aegis go through some changes and I can only hope that Lance gets his right up the ass in any upcoming book. He is such a foul assed-bastard. Loved this one. Thought it was faced paced, dark, witty, sexy, funny, and many sweet moments. Quotes I liked:From virgin to dad in zero to sixty."Well, your're a Horseman... the father... so...Ponyboy.""Fine, he muttered, taking her wrist. You're a terrible prisoner, you know that?""You're going to pleasure me." He got a dark, wicked thrill from her sharp inhale. "Whenever I want. At my every whim."Than said, "she's better. No thanks to you. But she's having... what are they called? Breaking Dicks?"There were several appearances from the UG medical staff including Wraith. Loved catching up with Eidolon, Shade, Con, and a sneak peak from Gem.