Hidden Away - Maya Banks Garrett is my favorite Kelly brother and I am glad he got his book. Although, Garrett is portrayed as the grouchy hard-ass brother to his family in this story he is super sweet and gentle with Sarah. He takes an assignment to keep track of Sarah due to his past association with her half brother Marcus Lattimer. He starts off using Sarah to find his old nemesis, in hopes of paying him back for all of the pain Marcus has caused. After a whole lot slow build up to sexy time it kind of ended for a bit. Sarah bailed and went into hiding. Garrett went back home, did some family things. Then Garrett, tracked down Sarah and sexy time happened, the team came in, and the suspense ended pretty quick. I enjoyed this one but it was different from suspense books that I usually read. I do love the KGI team and Kelly family so I will be checking out the next one.