Lover Mine - J.R. Ward I loved this book. So much packed into one read. John Matthew and Xhex's story of grittiness, love, action, and revenge. Darius's history with the brotherhood, history of Tohrment, more with Blaylock and Qhuinn, history of Xhex, and history of Xhex's mother (shocking to me/not expected). I also loved reading more about Payne and I am looking forward to her upcoming book. I admit sometimes I wanted to skip through some of the parts about the lesser society but, there are so many changes that happened I think I would be behind with the growth of the story if I did not read each part. I was even hooked on Lash's story and the journey he went on. I must say I loved how Ward wrote his story -it was fitting.There was a little taste of Murhder that is keeping me intrigued and hoping for more about him in the future. I really enjoyed this book and all of the packed in story line from several characters. It left me wanting more, more, more. I did not want it to end.