Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 9) - J.R. Ward I always love reading the BDB books even if the books are close to 500 pages. I still feel as though it needs to be longer so that I can read more about the story of the hero/heroine. Funny tid bid- I decided what the hell I want to finish this book so I am going to take it over to my parents house while I visit with my sister and BIL. He is an avid reader so of course he picked it up and questioned the story line. I did my best to explain it and tried to tell him it is not all about loving or lovers. And he turned to the page of the shower scene between Manny and Payne and quickly put it down. lol!! From then on I was asked how is the lovers/loving. I loved this 9th book in the series. I understand some readers felt this was a filler and not as good as the past books. I would agree with that opinion but still loved this one. I like the fact the the story of the BDB is going to continue and with the new characters being introduced including Xcor and the band of bastards. I am really interested in how their interaction with the BDB is going to play out. This story was about Dr. Manuel Manello and Payne, twin sister of Vishous, Chosen female, and daughter to scribe virgin. They are introduced due to the injury Payne occurred in the previous book by her combat training with Wrath in Lover Mine. "Manny is called in to treat her as only he can- and he is soon sucked into her dangerous secret world." The book is about the two trying to figure out how to find their way in her world and his world as her past catches up to her. Vishous, Jane, and Butch are also front and center in this book. I enjoyed reading more about the threesome and how their relationship had progressed/regressed since Lover Unbound #5. I will admit Vishous is one of my favorite brothers and I was dying for more storyline on him. I felt his story ended way to soon and I needed more. He is truly one tormented brother with a ton of issues but a super big heart. This book is not as gritty, shocking, or eventful as the previous books but it was still a pager turner for me. I would like to read more about murhder since he was introduced in #8 LM, Poor Quinn was tormented with his own rules on how he should love and behave, got a small taste of Blay living his life and moving on with Saxton, Layla was ever present doing her Chosen duty, and the rest of the brotherhood made small appearances in the book.