Lover Reborn - J.R Ward I am always sad to finish a BDB novel. It feels like a friend has moved away and I am not going to be in close contact with them anymore. I savor my time with the brotherhood and stretch it out way to long. I can't help it I miss them terribly and go through withdraw. I was skeptical with Tohr's story. How can he move on without the love of his life Wellesandra? It wasn't easy on him or anyone else around him, especially Autumn. He is the typical tortured, self hating, alpha male. It took a whole lot of interventions from Lassiter and the brothers to help poor Tohrment on his journey of letting go, beginning a new life, and working on some heavy guilt. I enjoyed reading about No'one's (autumn) journey and about their past connection. I did feel at times she was over the top with being the martyr. She put herself last too many times and took as long as Tohr to work through her pain, guilt, and self loathing. Both characters worked on and repaired damage they had done to each other and those most precious to them. Each learning what it took to start living in the moment again. The lessers are present but the storyline does not focus on them as it has in past novels. The Band of Bastards play a huge role in LR and change some of the dynamics of the regular cast of characters. Even though BoB is the enemy of BDB, I want Xcor & Layla to hook up. She needs a hea & he needs a calm down and find something else to do with his testosterone and drive. I cannot wait for Qhuinn and Blaylock's story. Qhuinn had quite a little journey in LR too. He had a revelation that is sure to change his destination. And hopefully, Blaylock's.