Born of Fire - Sherrilyn Kenyon I really do not know how to explain what I thought about this book. The only reason I gave it a 5 star rating is because of Syn. If I had to rate it based on Shahara it would be less than a one star. Not because of the writing but because I totally hated her. In fact, I need to add a book shelf called, suck it bitch, just for her. She has to be one of the worst heroines I have ever read about. First of all she keep making stupid mistakes, had no common sense, had a chip on her shoulder the whole time, betrayed Syn out the ass the whole time, and was just an all around bitch the whole time. She may have had one or two redeeming moments in the whole story. I really wish his hea would have been a heroine that had compassion for the hero, loyalty for the hero, less judgmental, and more supportive.Syn proved his worth over and over to Shahara by his actions, behaviors, generosity, and kindness. He has to be one of the most sweetest and compassionate heroes I have read in awhile. He really did not expect anyone to care for him and pretty much expected to be betrayed due to his past history of being rejected time and time again by those he loved. He was total alpha male with demons of his past chasing his every moment but he still worked to be an honorable, respectable man.I am so glad that I read book #4 and #5 of the League series before this and got to see Syn in each of them happy, healthy, and thriving with the Sentella group doing his medical and fighter thing. I would have been seriously unhappy if I did not get to check up on him after he decided to hea with Shahara.