Born of Shadows - Sherrilyn Kenyon This story had everything I enjoy in a book, action packed, treachery, passion, snarky characters, tension, and danger. The hero reminded me of MacGyver with his handy-dandy back pack. I truly enjoyed the adventure that Caillen and Desideria went on as they ran all through the universe to keep themselves and their family safe. I loved the chemistry that flowed between the two characters, the sacrifices they were willing to make, and the sit on the edge of my seat action they were involved in. Kept me glued to the earphones all day and night. Desideria comes from a culture that prove their worth by how tough, strong, and emotionless they are. Well, they can have anger, jealousy, and competitiveness. Desideria is having trouble fitting in due to all of the crazy family dynamics, envy from others, and her spots of showing emotions to the warrior nation she is from. Caillen is a fly by the seat of his pants, snarky womanizer. He rarely takes anything seriously but is loyal to his sisters and the Sentella. Caillen never questioned his life but literally he was down to the wire and a huge secret exploded right into his life. (can't tell you anymore, it will spoil it). That secret takes him on a journey that changes everything he has ever known, throws him into danger, throws him into betrayal, and he has to fight for his very life to discover how deep the deception goes. Fast paced journey between two outcasts, that are searching for belonging, love, and acceptance. Loved it!!