Fantasy Lover - Sherrilyn Kenyon The whole time I was listening to this book I kept thinking this sounds so familiar. I may have read it before or read a book that is really similar to this. This was not one of my favorites. It seemed to drag on to me at times, the danger elements were resolved quickly, and there was very little action. Good book and I would have probably enjoyed it more a couple of years ago. I seem to be in a place where I gravitate toward dark, tortured, gritty heartbreaking angst, and nail biting danger. The overall story was good. Grace and Julian both were loyal, willing to face off danger to protect each other, and were both willing to make sacrifices just to make the other one happy. Julian is the typical tortured hero SK writes. However, this one seemed to be written a lot lighter than the ones I have recently read by her (league series). Julian has not had an easy life and cursed to live as a love slave by an evil, jealous asshat of a god. All Julian wants since he was a little boy was to be loved, accepted, and cherished. Can Grace give him what he needs and wants?Grace has decided to just live her life and forget about everything else that has to do with love, getting compassion, and moonlight walks. Then she meets Julian because of her pushy friend. Will she let him show her how much love she deserves, how compassionate a hot warrior general can be to her? Not much sexy time in this one. Lots of talking about it and heavy petting.